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Working hard to achieve career success has left my life in a mess

My work life balance is pathetic. Like many people, most of my time is devoted towards my work. I am a sales manager in my company and I have achieved the success in my career due to a lot of hard work and determination. However, my life, apart from my work life, has suffered a great deal due to the zeal I have for my work.

My social life is almost non-existent. Apart from my workmates and a few relatives, I have very few friends. It is not that I am not a sociable person but the thing is that I do not have time to meet people and socialize. This can be seen in the fact that I am now thirty five years and I do not have any man that I am seeing let alone having as a fiancé or as a husband.

I would love to have a husband and I would love to have a family but my work has always seemed to take first place. Ever since when I was employed I have targeted the next promotion as my ultimate goal but when I attained it I wanted more. Being a go getter has helped me climb the career ladder but it has not helped me get the social and personal life that I would like.

The responsibilities of the work place are usually very many especially for someone in a managerial position in a company such as I am working for. Many times I cannot even have a free Saturday. I often find myself all alone in the office while the other workmates are out enjoying their free time. At times I feel sorry for myself especially when I realize that I do not have a way out.

Every day I work until late such that when I go home I am so tired that even cooking my diner is too much of a hassle. Many times I opt to buy my diner rather than go home and cook. I bought an automatic electric rice cooker that promised to help me cook rice faster and more conveniently but after using it a few times I went back to buying my meals.

As a woman, there are also other pleasures that I am missing out on. Apart from the dating life, I am also missing out on experiencing the life of hanging out with girlfriends. Soon I will be too old to have such a life. I am also missing out on shopping and spoiling myself with all kinds of fancy dresses and shoes. I cannot remember the last time when I wore leggings, easy jeans, running shoes, a t shirt, or some other informal cool clothing. The only informal clothing I wear are the clothes I wear while in the house.

I usually take very little days off for vacation and most of this time I spend it visiting my parents and my two sisters. This is hardly enough time for me to get a work and life balance. I need to style up!

Six Reasons To Become An Accountant

Six Reasons To Become An Accountant

Many people when thinking of an accountant, might picture a lonely person sitting at a boring desk job, surrounded by numbers. This is far from what an accountant actually does, and, in fact, there are numerous advantages to making a career out of accounting.

1. High demand.

Every company needs an accountant, and most people need an accountant during the tax season. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the field of accounting will grow 16 percent between now and the year 2020. What may appeal to many people is that because every company needs an accountant, they have the opportunity to work with companies in every type of industry under the sun. From restaurants to clothing stores and everything in between, there is sure to be an industry you’re interested in that could use your accounting skills.

2. Above average salary.

The median income for accountants is $50,000 a year. The average accountant salary is $53,000 for those starting out, and $70,000 for most others. The top tier earn upwards of $100,000 yearly.

3. Ability to work in an exciting environment.

The duties of an accountant are fast-paced, varied, and deadline driven. They carry a great level of responsibility within their company because they must use their professional judgment daily and are held to high standards for being in charge of analyzing and advising their client’s financial decisions.

4. Multiple advancement opportunities.

Accounting is a career that provides multiple pathways for promotions and career advancement. It is a field with the possibility for growth from the bottom rung of the ladder as an accounting clerk all the way to the top as a ranking member of a high profile accounting firm.

5. Can work for themselves.

Many accountants strike out to start their own accounting small businesses. This is an advantageous possibility for those with an entrepreneurial streak who want to work for themselves, or who want flexible hours, or who want to focus on other commitments like raising a family or exploring hobbies that they otherwise might not have time for in a more typical 9-to-5 work schedule.

6. Be seen as a valuable team member

Accountants are essential to every successful business. They balance the budget, manage bank accounts, analyze financial data, conduct company audits, and oversee bookkeeping and payroll. They are invaluable to helping businesses and individuals become and remain profitable.

Not only does an accounting career offer an above average salary, a high degree of responsibility, multiple pathways to advancement, and a vast array of work duties that ensure an accountant’s job is never boring and ever-changing, it also provides opportunities for self-employment and the ability to help people and solve their financial problems.

Six Reasons To Become An Accountant Credit Picture License: Dennis Wong via photopin cc

Living and Teaching In the Lone Star State

By Ellen Wilson

If you love kids and you’re interested in an adventure in the U.S., you might consider living and teaching in the Lone Star state.

The Texas Education Agency reports that shortages in the field mean teachers in certain subject areas are in high demand and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need for 53,000 high school teachers and 188,000 grade school teachers by the year 2022.

Becoming a teacher in the Lone Star state is different than becoming an educator in many other areas of the U.S. Because there is no specific teacher education program in the state, you’ll first need a bachelor’s degree in your chosen subject area.

Then, you’ll go through an education preparation program. If you’re earning a degree in Texas, you can often fulfill this requirement at the same school. If you earned your bachelor’s degree elsewhere, find out more about the education prep program at the state’s website.

After you’ve completed the program, you’ll take a certification test in your subject area, for a particular range of grade levels. When you’ve passed the certification exam, you must still complete another step to become eligible to teach.

As in many other U.S. states, educators in the Lone Star state must complete a state registration process that includes a background check and fingerprinting. When you’re approved for registration, you’re eligible for entry-level teaching positions in Texas.

A teacher in Texas is paid a base minimum salary, mandated by the state legislature. The state legislates a base rate that is keyed to years of experience teaching in Texas. Certified teachers with no experience must be paid a minimum of $27,320. The rate rises as you gain experience so that, when you have 20 years’ teaching experience, your minimum salary will be $44,270.

In most districts, this base is supplemented, usually based on your certification and education, so that you earn a more competitive salary. For example, teachers who hold a master’s degree earn more and those with education beyond the master’s level earn even greater supplements. If your area of certification is one in high demand, you may also earn more.

The supplemented rate varies from district to district. For example, if you’re a first-year teacher in Dallas, you’ll earn $45,100, while a beginning teacher in Lubbock will earn $37,750. Newly-minted teachers in Fort Worth earn $50,544, while in Planto, they earn $49, 442.

In rural districts and smaller districts, you’ll earn less, but you’ll also find the cost of living to be much less than in larger Texas districts.

In any case, salaries for teachers in Texas, like those in many U.S. states, don’t equate to those earned by people in other fields who have similar education.

Legislators in the state recognize that attracting quality candidates to teach children who’ll be entering a very different world, by the time they graduate, probably means they should pay a higher salary. Some state lawmakers are pushing for education reforms that include better pay for teachers, so base rates are likely to increase in the next few years.


Do You Really Need An Accountant?

If you’re like the majority of people I know then you probably don’t want anything to with math and number crunching. If you’re like this then you are definitely someone who should hire a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for either your business (if you own one) and/or your taxes. Doing your own taxes definitely has its fair share of advantages, but hiring a CPA can give you access to other resources that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

CPAs, as far as I know, have a very good reputation. They’re personable, sociable, but ultimately they want the best for you and your financial situation. But this is all part of being a CPA; they’re paid to do this. As an accountant, you’re expected to know your way around financial situations, be able to consult, and give advice to your client. Many businesses hire accountants as most business owners have other things to worry about other than crunching numbers, record keeping, and staying up to do date with “boring stuff” like that. From my experience, you can only really gain from hiring an accountant. I’ve heard stories of many business owners who think they have the time and smarts to create budget plans, analyze revenue, expenses, profit margins, etc. They were wrong as they got their numbers wrong and ended up having to pay lots of money. Even though hiring an outsider may not sound like a cheap investment, you will understand that it is when you figure ways that your business can save money.

The same works for taxes. Doing your taxes yourself can save you money as you won’t have to hire anybody, but you run the risk of getting your numbers wrong; not to mention the time it takes to sit down and go through everything. Now, there are some people that do their own taxes and they wouldn’t change it for anything. These people get a strong understanding of the tax code, save money, and actually save time (as long as the taxes are simplified). However, hiring a CPA gives you access to expert advice, ways to save money, and (if your taxes are more complex) can save you a lot of time. It really all depends on what type of person you are. If you don’t trust anyone touching/seeing your financial situation, then you would be better doing it yourself. However, if you’re all about getting the most experienced eyes looking at your taxes, then you should definitely hire a CPA.