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Why Choose Medela?

Why Choose Medela?

When it comes down to breast pumps, there are really only two brands that you are going to consider: that is Medela, and Ameda. Depending on who you talk to, they’re going to say different things. A lot of breast pump enthusiasts believe that Medela’s complexity and high-tech designs triumph over Ameda’s more basic, but cheaper products, and vice-versa. Ultimately it’s going to come down to your own personal preference, but if you ask me, I would prefer going with the snazzier, but slightly pricier Medela products.

Why? Because at the end of the day you’re not going to care how much you spent on your breast pump, you’re going to care about how easily you were able to yield the right amount of milk. Everything that Medela stands for has to do with speed, comfort, and efficiency. Some of the best features available on Medela products are their Let-Down Button, which vastly helps the initial flow of milk, their cooling bags, which can hold up to four bottles of milk and help keep them cool and avoid spoiling, and their extreme versatility in their different pumps. Medela products can allow you to pump both breasts at the same time, again, showcasing their speed and efficiency. No matter what Medela you use, you are going to feel comfortable, and very proud after you yield more milk with a Medela product than you have previously with any other.

But of course every brand has their flaws – it’s just the nature of the game. Even some of the best Medela breast pumps out there will not always be the perfect machine that you want them to be. Nevertheless, I have to say that the flaws are few and far between. For one, they can be difficult to keep clean. If you’re an experienced parent, then cleaning things shouldn’t really be an issue. I’ll put it this way – cleaning a breast pump will only be the beginning. Some products are known to get a little noisy. Definitely wouldn’t advise using the breast pump outside of your home, or at night because of the noise. One feature that does seem to be missing out of many of their products, especially in their advanced Medela Pump in Style, is a timer function. Some mothers really like their pumps to be set on times, but personally it’s just another thing to maintain.

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Giving Education A Helping Hand

Student loans have always been one of the biggest enemies of students as they assess their financial situations. Worse yet is that for many families, the parents take on the brunt of the force that comes from these massive student loans. Education is fantastic; this much has been pounded into our heads every since we were in elementary school, but what we weren’t taught was how expensive it is. Many students are finding out that they have no way to pay off their student loans and having to take deferment on their loans. In some situations, this is really the only option, but it should be highly avoided at all costs.

With that said, there is a smart way to go about student loan deferment, but there’s also a not-smart way to go about it; I highly suggest taking the smart way. Applying for loan forgiveness is a great way to lessen the brunt of the payments, but this really only happens if you find yourself unemployed. Refinancing your student loans is another option. This is when you renegotiate your payment plans with the school so it can fit better for you. More times than not this to minimize your payments and stretch them out over a long period of time; this is very common in low-income households. However, the total amount of interest you will end up paying will increase by doing this rather than just dealing with the slightly larger payments. No matter what decision you go with, I highly suggest getting some advice.

The message that “college is expensive” has been shouted throughout the whole education system, luckily, the government has listened. The government wants to make it known how expensive college is well before anyone enrolls anywhere. Furthermore, financial aid is being increased through American Opportunity Tax Credit which provides up to $2,500 per student to go towards tuition and other expenses. You must not forget that tuition is only one part of the expense of college. There are bundles of fees around every corner as well as course materials (like books) that can be be expensive.

College is after all completely optional and there are many occupations and fields where employees are employed right outside of high school. But if you want to pursue a degree, then you better be ready to pay for it. Even though a degree can potentially land you a very solid jump doing something that you love, it won’t be worth anything if you can’t finish school because you can’t pay tuition or the student loans that follow. If this is you then deferring your student loan payments could be the only option for you.