Choosing the perfect occupation that you will enjoy in your adult life

Choosing a career or choosing a lifelong occupation is a very serious matter. The choice that one makes usually determines what will become of the person. Many times the choosing of an occupation is not done with proper information and many times people do not approach the issue with the sobriety that is necessary for such an undertaking.

The choices of one’s future is usually something that people are encouraged to think about from when they are very young. Small kids are usually taught and exposed to the various occupations or careers that are available and they are asked to choose one which will best suit them. However, many people make their decision when they are joining college. This is many times because the course that one pursues in college usually determines what field one will work in.

Many times people are not able to make the right choice even at this stage. This is because, just as mentioned above, they are ill informed and maybe they are also not sure of themselves. It could also be due to being fed with poor information. Many times the society praises a few occupations while ignoring others and so people are led to thinking that these praised occupations are good not realizing that they are not suited for them.

While growing up, I had similar challenges like all the other kids when it came to the issue about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was not sure about what I really wanted and so like many other kids, I would say that I wanted to be a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a lawyer, a scientist, a dentist, or any other occupation that I knew would impress whoever was asking me.

I however did not fancy any of these occupations. They all looked like very boring occupations and I was resigned to believe that I would have a very boring adult life.

My passions as a kid were very few. I had very strict parents and being an only child, and a girl for that matter, made them very protective of me. My mother was so protective of me that I could not be able to freely go out and play with other kids when I was a little girl. As such, many times I was stuck with my mother in the house.

Just like any child, I however still found things to enjoy in my environment. The thing I liked most while helping my mother with the house chores was the preparation of food. I especially liked making salads and fruit puddings. I liked making them as attractive as possible. As a small girl my mother would not let me cook using the open fire and I was only allowed to cook using safe kitchen appliances such as the electric pressure cooker or the rice cooker.

I was however eventually allowed to participate in all cooking and I developed a great passion for it.

Since I did not know much about any other thing, I therefore chose cookery as the choice career for my future.