Cultural food – from Asia to South America

The latest phase that’s coming around is all in thanks to the food frenzy over Asian food also known as the “Asian Invasion”. It’s not just simple Chinese food anymore. There’s a big boost in Thai restaurants and food fare as of late. Also, people have been going crazy for Japanese style tempura dishes and sushi.  Don’t be surprised if you stop along the road to fill up on gas and see sushi in the deli case inside the gas station. It’s spreading everywhere across the planet.

Sushi isn’t all just about the fish. You can have it raw or cooked, but it’s half all about the fish, and the other half is about the rice. It’s got to have the right consistency to blend in with not just the molding of the sushi roll, but the flavor it enhances the experience with. Enter into the picture, rice cookers.

You’ll want to take a look at some rice cooker reviews mainly this one if you’re looking to cook up more than just a cup or two of rice. Take the Buffalo Rice Cooker for instance. It has 5-10 cup capabilities when you’re putting together a meal that requires more than a little bit.

If you’re looking for smaller amounts you’ll see in these reviews of the best, there are rice cookers to take whatever size you need on. Not only that, it can put out for you at the consistency you require. They aren’t just for white rice either, but it handles everything from couscous to porridge as well these are among a line of best ones out. They have cookers that handle brown rice, as well as wild and heavy grain rice as well.

You can go beyond just the Asian foods though. There are many cultural foods from other countries that you can delve into easily with using a rice cooker in your kitchen. Take South American and Latino spanish rice recipes. Not only that, you don’t have to cook the rice separately, you can cook it all together in the cooker at once. That’s nice to be so efficient.

You’ll find rice cookers that prepare above and beyond rice too, some work on soups and stews while others can do cakes even! Then there’s the gadgets that might catch your eyes, such as timers, delayed cooking, sauté, browning and even slow cooker functions.

All it takes is a few minutes to browse and see what tickles your fancy. The prices range from low to higher ends depending on what you’re looking for, small or large, simple or high tech. Either way, going into buying a rice cooker, you’ll want to be prepared and get exactly what you want out of it, and maybe find you want even more.

Cultural food – from Asia to South America Credit Picture License: Zeetz Jones via photopin cc