Fighting my recent weight gain… focus on natural remedies

I have a weight problem that I need to face head on. I am not a great fan of physical exercises due to previous bad experiences that I have experienced. I especially detest the muscle soreness that I usually get when I attempt physical exercises. The soreness is particularly pronounced due to my unfitness which is as a result of a lifestyle with very little physical activities. The only way out for me seems to be dieting and use of natural methods to lose some of my pounds.

I believe my problem is not a very big problem. I know for a fact that my weight gain is hugely due to the poor diet that I have been feeding on of late. Before I adopted this lifestyle of unhealthy eating, which is as a result of my new job, I had a healthy body with a healthy weight whereas I did not do much to maintain it. I was still as inactive as I am today. Actually I have never been an active guy and never participated in any physical sports even while in school. As such my weight is purely due to diet.

I want to stop eating in the fast food joints in which I have become a common customer. I want to instead go back to cooking my own healthy foods. I want to concentrate on foods that have very little or no fats, starch, and sugars. I want to instead have more of fruits, vegetables, and other herbs. I also want to try taking some of the natural remedies or aids for weight loss. I for example want to try having more of apple cider vinegar and hummus.

I have great faith in natural remedies since whilst growing up these were the things my mother used for us when we got diseases and other assorted health problems. I remember for instance that whenever we had cuts my mother would chop off some aloe vera leafs, of which there were plenty in her kitchen garden, and she would squeeze the sticky sap on the cut. The sap would sting like hell and we would fight to hold back the tears due to the pain. The aloe vera was however very helpful and the cuts would not get infected and they would heal very fast.

Whenever we had a cold, my mother would cut up some ginger and some garlic into thin slices and mix them up with some lemon extract. This concoction was the supreme solution for any colds, flus, or coughs and it worked wonders. It was however quite bitter and we did not like the taste. My mother would some times add some honey to the concoction whenever my dad would afford to buy a jar from his meager earnings.

Due to my upbringing, I have a lot of confidence in natural remedies and so I believe that a diet of hummus and some occasional apple cider vinegar will help me lose this weight and help me regain my old healthy shape.