How to Impress a Date, Geek-Style

When it comes to dating, love and impressing the opposite sex, the local Casanovas and the sports enthusiasts are considered the most confident and successful. They are the ones who are perceived to have the way with words, and with the looks and confidence to seal the deal. Although they are known for their romances, bookworms and geeks can also stake their claim to being the best lovers. Bookworms and geeks are cultured, they are excellent communicators, and they are widely-read, thus can take on any topic. And if you can throw off some trivia and literary quotes, then you can easily impress and get her attention.

According to a survey made by, men who mentioned or include Shakespeare in their social media profiles are 27 percent more likely to generate positive responses from women. The common thinking is that men who love and read literature are considered more sexy, thus will get the attention. So if you have a crush on a geek or an avid reader, you need to come up with creative ways on how to get his or her attention. The usual dating approaches and techniques will no longer cut it, so it’s best to pay attention to new dating approaches, like the ones listed below.

Visit a local bookstore, or check out a contemporary art museum

Whether you are from a big city, or a rural area in the Southern regions, browsing a small local bookstore is always a great option to spend time and get to know a geek or a bookworm. The shelves of books, the smell of coffee and the great conversations about the book’s characters, themes and contexts serve as a background for a productive and different kind of date. Another option is to discover a contemporary art museum in your area. Check out the latest art works, and comment on the contemporary art shown on the museum. Your different takes on the theme and messages of each art work can provide a basis for great conversations that can run for hours.

Host a movie marathon, prepare a memorable meal

Geeks and bookworms will love a movie marathon, or even a Netflix marathon. Just make sure that that the movies are based on books, or adaptation of classic books and works of famed writers. Movies like ‘Lord of the Rings’ by JRR Tolkien can set the tone for a wonderful night. To complete the dating experience, you may want to prepare snack items that can serve during the night. You can prepare fresh juices by using the basic blenders or even an immersion blender, and stock up on fruits, sandwiches or chips.

Remember, there are different ways on how to impress your date. And even if you are planning to impress a certified bookworm or geek, keep in mind that there are tried and tested approaches that you try to impress the opposite sex. What you can do is to visit a bookstore, check out a museum, or even host a movie marathon and get the results you want.