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Your Baby Can Move!

Your Baby Can Move!

It isn’t long before your new baby is finding all sorts of ways to get moving.  Among the first will be learning to sit up and roll over.

Roll Over, Baby!

Between 4 and 7 months, the baby will be exploring how to use its developing leg, back, arm and other muscles to prop themselves up and eventually land is a sitting position.  Likewise, they’ll learn to use those same muscles and movements to roll over.

Typically, you can expect them to start rolling from front to back long before they go from back to front.  This is because they’ve first mastered a push-up maneuver that allows them to master both sitting up and rolling over.

The next step is typically crawling.  Once the baby has figured out how to sit-up, they’ll start mastering crawling.  This occurs a little later, with them getting onto all fours typically around 8 months and starting to actually crawl at around 9 months.

Encouraging these movements is best achieved through play and positive reinforcement.  No doubt you’ll be excited when new movements like these begin, so just make sure you express that same excitement through audio and visual cues that the baby can understand (smiling, clapping).

Get Ready for Mischief

Your newly mobile baby will quickly start exploring their world.  Be ready by childproofing your house.  You can hire a professional child-proofer or explore doing so on your own.

Be on the lookout for anything that would be within reach for your child to reach.  Low cabinets, drawers, wall sockets are some of the most tantalizing and troublesome items in your home.  These will be constant sources of potential problems for your child to find possible choking hazards, chemicals and other items that could harm them.  Invest in child locks for drawers and cabinets and socket covers to impede access to these dangers.

Also  be on the lookout for items on bookshelves and media cabinets that could either fall onto a child or contain items that could fall onto a child if jostled hard enough.

Using baby-gates will help limit your child’s movements and access to parts of the house that might not be completely childproofed.  It will also make it easier to keep an eye on the child as they crawl around without you having to follow them around.

Occasionally, your toddler might suffer from night terrors.  Their newfound movement will make these experiences all the more frightening.  But keep in mind, just because your child might be more mobile, the night terrors will continue to pose minimal danger to your child even if they’re rolling over during the incident.  If secured in their crib or bed, there is little chance their newfound mobility will pose a threat during a night terror event.

Of course, if anything happens to your child, immediately dial 9-1-1 for medical attention.


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Are You Prepared For Sleepless Nights, Cries, And Other Joys Of Parenting?

Are You Prepared For Sleepless Nights, Cries, And Other Joys Of Parenting?

Motherhood can be the most rewarding experience of your life.  But there is a lot about having babies that they just don’t tell you about.

Am I Pregnant?

If you have recently skipped a period or are experience nausea, vomiting or strong sensitivity to certain smells, there’s a good chance you might be pregnant.

This can be a confusing time in the life of an expecting mother.  The body behaves in seemingly strange ways in the early and later stages of pregnancy.

You can expect the more commonly known signs – nausea or vomiting, tender breasts, fatigue, frequent urination – when you’re pregnant.  Also expect other, lesser-known symptoms, such as abdominal bloating and a high body temperature.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms but just had your period, keep in mind that it is also possible that you became pregnant while on your period (although this is less likely compared to other times of the month).

If you’ve experienced these symptoms but a pregnancy test said you weren’t pregnant, don’t rule it out right away.  Often, pregnancy tests produce false negatives in the week or so after the first missed period.  Taking the test a week or so later might produce a different result.

Yes, I’m Pregnant

Motherhood is a life-altering event.  Babies can bring about a host of new joy and experiences.

The body’s major focus right now is on the baby, and as a result some odd symptoms could emerge.  They aren’t cause for concern; they’re relatively common even though they are not widely known about.

During pregnancy, some unexpected symptoms may arise.  These range from nosebleeds and nasal stuffiness to regular burping and gas.  Additionally, insomnia, constipation and vaginal discharge (similar to what occurs during ovulation) have been reported.  If any of these become serious concerns, seek out natural remedies and consult your physician.

One major symptom of pregnancy can be a sudden realization that you’re about to take responsibility for an incredibly valuable and fragile person, who will look to you for all the answers.  This leads to the obvious question – am I ready to have a baby?

This is ultimately a question only you can answer, but we’re here to help with ongoing advice and tips during and after your pregnancy.


Are You Prepared For Sleepless Nights, Cries, And Other Joys Of Parenting? Credit Picture License: Selbe B via photopin cc
The most expensive boots are diamond studded and cost $3.1 million

Have 3.1 Million Dollars? The World’s Most Expensive Shoes Could Be Yours

If you are in the market for some brand new kicks to place under the Christmas tree this year, Antwerp World Diamond Centre may have exactly the pair for you. Taking footwear to an entirely unchartered territory, the organization recently unveiled what has been called the “World’s Most Expensive Shoes” on December 4, 2013. Specifically prepared for the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong, the unveiling event was attended by hundreds of VIP guests rubbing elbows from around the globe, including Queen Mathilde from Belgium, and Kris Peeters from Flanders.

Totaling an astonishing 1,550 carats, the black leather ankle boots with an eye-catching paisley pattern are made with some 39,083 natural fancy-colored diamonds shimmering in shades of pink, champagne, and gray for a truly glittering appearance. Manufactured directly from the Antwerp-based companies of Diarough/UNI-Design and A.F. Vandevorst, the unmistakable logo stands out with a plethora of particularly rare pink diamonds that also peak the value. Officials from Antwerp World Diamond Centre shared that designing the boots required more than 30,000 hours of designing, selecting, and setting the diamonds by hand for the ultimate in footwear perfection.

More expensive than Stuart Weitzman’s Rita Hayworth heels, Antwerp has valued the “World’s Most Expensive Shoes” at the incredibly low bargain price of $3.1 million! Planned to be placed on sale following the event, these extremely couture ankle boots could be yours, if you so happen to have endless sums of cash lying around. Yet not all sizes are available, so be sure to place your inquiry immediately!