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What You Need To Know When Buying A Crib

What You Need To Know When Buying A Crib

There are a lot of preparations to be made when becoming a parent. Whether it’s your first time raising a child, or if you’re an experienced parent already, there are still tons of things to learn that can make your job a heck of a lot easier. One of the most frustrating parents about caring for a child is all of the things you’ll need to buy. The list of things needed for successfully raising a baby can grow into a laundry list of expensive items – especially baby cribs. Cribs don’t seem to be getting any cheaper and, if anything, parents are finding themselves investing in more expensive cribs because of all the convertible cribs that are out there. So what should you be thinking about when you’re out crib shopping?

The first thing, and definitely the most important, is safety. You’ll be surprised at how many cribs are out there that just seem extremely unsafe. Either they have toys attached to them that could be broken off and choked on, or maybe they have loose fabrics that can also pose as hazardous. The safest cribs are often times the plainest. Take a look at some of the safest cribs of 2014 if you want to make your decision entirely based upon a cribs safety.

But the reality is is that pretty much any crib you buy is going to be safe. A lot of safety relies on your job as a parent, so if you’re confident that you can watch out for your toddler and make sure he’s not going to have any problems with a crib, then you can expand your horizon and take a look at some of the more crafty cribs out there – like the 4-in-1 convertible cribs that can really make your job easier.

Portable cribs are another thing that a lot of parents stress out about because they don’t know what to look for. When it comes to portable cribs, comfort is a huge aspect; comfort for not only the baby, but you as well. More times than not you’re going to have carrying your baby around and that is not the most comforting thing in the world. It’s important to find a portable crib that is easy to carry, with a sturdy handle, but enough support on the inside for the tot as well. Check out some of the best portable cribs on the market.

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Having A Travel Happy Baby!

Having A Travel Happy Baby!

Taking a toddler on the road can always prove difficult for families. Some avoid trips all together just to spare themselves the hassle of taking care of their young one. However, I must say that I have witnessed a lot of parents that simply make the task too difficult on themselves. I’ll be the first to say that traveling with a toddler is no walk in the park, but there certain tips and tricks you can do to ensure as stress-free of a trip as possible.

The first thing you must consider is how you’re going to get your baby into the car without disturbing her. It doesn’t matter if you have one of the best cribs in the world, or if you even have one of the best convertible cribs in the world, your baby will know when she is taken out of the crib and placed in the car seat; this is why it is crucial that you make this transition when she is in a deep sleep. You probably know your baby’s sleeping patterns and know when she is going to be out for long periods of time – this is when you must make your get away. As carefully and comfortably as possible you must place your toddler in the car seat, fasten her up, and leave before you start having any doubts.

When on the road, there are a lot of variables that come into play as to whether or not you’ll have a successful trip. One of which is the crying. Some babies just hate it with they’re in the car because it’s an unfamiliar environment and most of the time no one is giving them the attention that they want. This is why I always advise that someone sits next to the baby at all times. Not only will this make the baby feel like she is being given attention, but it’s also the best for safety. Even if you have her buckled into her seat and have the seat buckled as well, things can always come undone. If you have to slam on the breaks then it’s really good to have someone in the back who can hold the seat back from toppling over.

All in all the key to traveling with a baby is distraction and attention. Avoid panicking, yelling, or appearing stressed because your toddler can sense that. Keep enough toys to keep her occupied long enough before she coaxes back to sleep.

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Six Reasons To Become An Accountant

Six Reasons To Become An Accountant

Many people when thinking of an accountant, might picture a lonely person sitting at a boring desk job, surrounded by numbers. This is far from what an accountant actually does, and, in fact, there are numerous advantages to making a career out of accounting.

1. High demand.

Every company needs an accountant, and most people need an accountant during the tax season. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the field of accounting will grow 16 percent between now and the year 2020. What may appeal to many people is that because every company needs an accountant, they have the opportunity to work with companies in every type of industry under the sun. From restaurants to clothing stores and everything in between, there is sure to be an industry you’re interested in that could use your accounting skills.

2. Above average salary.

The median income for accountants is $50,000 a year. The average accountant salary is $53,000 for those starting out, and $70,000 for most others. The top tier earn upwards of $100,000 yearly.

3. Ability to work in an exciting environment.

The duties of an accountant are fast-paced, varied, and deadline driven. They carry a great level of responsibility within their company because they must use their professional judgment daily and are held to high standards for being in charge of analyzing and advising their client’s financial decisions.

4. Multiple advancement opportunities.

Accounting is a career that provides multiple pathways for promotions and career advancement. It is a field with the possibility for growth from the bottom rung of the ladder as an accounting clerk all the way to the top as a ranking member of a high profile accounting firm.

5. Can work for themselves.

Many accountants strike out to start their own accounting small businesses. This is an advantageous possibility for those with an entrepreneurial streak who want to work for themselves, or who want flexible hours, or who want to focus on other commitments like raising a family or exploring hobbies that they otherwise might not have time for in a more typical 9-to-5 work schedule.

6. Be seen as a valuable team member

Accountants are essential to every successful business. They balance the budget, manage bank accounts, analyze financial data, conduct company audits, and oversee bookkeeping and payroll. They are invaluable to helping businesses and individuals become and remain profitable.

Not only does an accounting career offer an above average salary, a high degree of responsibility, multiple pathways to advancement, and a vast array of work duties that ensure an accountant’s job is never boring and ever-changing, it also provides opportunities for self-employment and the ability to help people and solve their financial problems.

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Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds: fact or Myth?

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds: fact or Myth?

Today we will focus on the Basset Hound. Basset hounds can be one of the most challenging breeds to own, but they can be one of the most rewarding family members that you can ever have.  Not only are basset hounds loyal, hypoallergenic, small to medium in size, low in energy and friendly with every other pet you can find, but they are great with kids too. Basset hounds are charming, to say the least.

Unlike most breeds, basset hounds stand out like a sore thumb. You can tell them from a mile away and they have very unusual characteristics.

What does a basset hound look like?

Basset hounds have solid body mass and an extremely heavy weight in consideration to their body weight. They are low to the ground and have stumpy legs.

Basset hounds are one of the few true breeds that are recognized in France.

Benefits of a Basset Hound

Basset hounds are a great dog for hunting and they have an amazing sense of smell. They are considered hypoallergenic and they love to play. Which makes them a great pet for kids. They come in many different colors, including bicolor or tricolors, but these colors rarely occur.

Basset hounds are gentlemen and ladies of the dog world. They are extremely cordial and they are very friendly with people in general. They do not make very good guard dogs, unless they are charged with caring for children. They are easy to train and are extremely food driven animals.

Basset hounds can learn commands easily, but they do not respond well to strict punishment. Unless you are prepared for a lifetime of gently swaying a dog away from behaviors, a basset hound is not for you. If you punish a basset too harshly, they will withdraw, shut down and become permanently stubborn.

Caring for your Hypoallergenic Basset

Many dogs can be considered hypoallergenic, but it does take some work to keep them that way. They require regular washing and brushing to keep loose hairs from shedding.  You must keep around their eyes wiped continuously, since they are prone to eye infections.

Since you are looking for a hypoallergenic dog, you will understand their great strife. Basset hounds can easily develop allergies to many things. These allergies affect their ears, eyes and skin most often. It is important that you keep these areas clean, or they can begin to develop a bad odor from the bacteria.

It is important to keep around their mouth’s wiped as well, as the folds of their skin can easily build up yeast, causing an infection in this area that spreads to their mouth. This area should be wiped several times per day with a dry towel to prevent yeast build up and to prevent them from developing an infection.

The Downside to the Basset

The basset hound is a very prey driven dog. It should not be housed in an area that contains chickens or other animals that can be considered small prey. They will chase squirrel and cats that they are not familiar with.

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Technology And Espresso Machines

Technology And Espresso Machines

The popularity of espresso has exploded since the beginning of the new millennium. Back in the day, asking for an espresso at your local coffee shop would do get you a kick in the mouth from the guy behind the counter and awkward glances from other customers.

These days, coffee shops capable of delivering a shot of espresso can be found in book stores, local grocery markets, farmers markets, mall kiosks, or even Cineplex’s, although it is hard to imagine wanting to be wired while you are watching a movie.

Technology has allowed for the private consumer to experience the wonders of espresso at home. They are smaller and more attractive in a home kitchen setting. (The machines, not the people.) These are easy to operate machines. Are they easier to operate than coffeehouse machines? That is probably a better question for a hangover “barista”, a term just as inaccurate and stupid as “mixologist”.

You can just as easily become a parent. A shot of espresso is the culmination of pushing roughly 1.5 ounces of warm or hot water through a small filter containing a measured amount of finely ground coffee with the density of a critical mass. If everything goes well, the result will be a thick, brown liquid with a small head of  foam comparable to getting a beer from the tap at the bar.

Espresso is different from coffee due to the amount of water and pressure pumped through it. Other factors go in to the process of making a shot of espresso, as well. The water’s temperature, pressure, as well as the integrity of the grounds used (espresso grinds are ground to a much finer consistency than typical coffee grounds); and also how tightly the coffee is packed.

This makes the consistency of espresso thicker because its content does not have the same sort of time to develop a thinner liquid. Concentrating these several types of beans into a single blend creates a deeper, richer blend than traditional coffee offers. By brewing a more condensed product, one would think the caffeine content from espresso would be higher, which is true, however, due to the shot glass it is served in, espresso has less caffeine than a cup of coffee based on sheer volume.

By the way, if you are the sort of guy who actually orders espresso, your potential fellow customers thank you for staying home.

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Cultural food - from Asia to South America

Cultural food – from Asia to South America

The latest phase that’s coming around is all in thanks to the food frenzy over Asian food also known as the “Asian Invasion”. It’s not just simple Chinese food anymore. There’s a big boost in Thai restaurants and food fare as of late. Also, people have been going crazy for Japanese style tempura dishes and sushi.  Don’t be surprised if you stop along the road to fill up on gas and see sushi in the deli case inside the gas station. It’s spreading everywhere across the planet.

Sushi isn’t all just about the fish. You can have it raw or cooked, but it’s half all about the fish, and the other half is about the rice. It’s got to have the right consistency to blend in with not just the molding of the sushi roll, but the flavor it enhances the experience with. Enter into the picture, rice cookers.

You’ll want to take a look at some rice cooker reviews mainly this one if you’re looking to cook up more than just a cup or two of rice. Take the Buffalo Rice Cooker for instance. It has 5-10 cup capabilities when you’re putting together a meal that requires more than a little bit.

If you’re looking for smaller amounts you’ll see in these reviews of the best, there are rice cookers to take whatever size you need on. Not only that, it can put out for you at the consistency you require. They aren’t just for white rice either, but it handles everything from couscous to porridge as well these are among a line of best ones out. They have cookers that handle brown rice, as well as wild and heavy grain rice as well.

You can go beyond just the Asian foods though. There are many cultural foods from other countries that you can delve into easily with using a rice cooker in your kitchen. Take South American and Latino spanish rice recipes. Not only that, you don’t have to cook the rice separately, you can cook it all together in the cooker at once. That’s nice to be so efficient.

You’ll find rice cookers that prepare above and beyond rice too, some work on soups and stews while others can do cakes even! Then there’s the gadgets that might catch your eyes, such as timers, delayed cooking, sauté, browning and even slow cooker functions.

All it takes is a few minutes to browse and see what tickles your fancy. The prices range from low to higher ends depending on what you’re looking for, small or large, simple or high tech. Either way, going into buying a rice cooker, you’ll want to be prepared and get exactly what you want out of it, and maybe find you want even more.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Travelling With A Beard

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Travelling With A Beard

If you have  a beard you are probably already aware that there are pros and cons of sporting a beard whilst travelling.

To keep your beard looking its best it is best to invest in a beard trimmer. This will allow you to keep your beard neat and trimmed with the minimum of hassle, although you may need to take a travel plug adapter if you are planning to travel abroad. Beard trimmers can be light and portable and you can minimise which attachments you pack to help keep your luggage lighter.

Having a beard can help to cover up areas of skin which might have blemishes such as acne or scars. A beard can add a level of gravity and maturity to your appearance and is very fashionable, providing you with a hip look with the minimal of fuss, just think of all the current celebrities who now have a beard. No more razor burn from the daily routine of shaving, with all the associated moisturisers etc you need to keep your skin in good condition. If you are travelling to a cold region your beard can also add a level of protection from the cold, helping to keep you warm.

Having a beard can cause a few problems though, when you are first growing it it can be an incredibly itchy experience. The initial few days of growth can end up making you feel scruffy, whilst you are waiting for your beard to take shape. Another thing to consider is that if you had your passport photo taken whilst clean shaven, you may have difficulty whilst passing through customs. A beard can also make you feel too hot if travelling to sunnier climates, and you need to be aware whilst eating that residuals of food may get caught in your beard-never a good look!

If the above points are enough to put you off sporting a beard you may need to consider a lightweight portable shaver to take on your travels. But the ultimate reason for having or not having a beard is personal preference.

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Tips For Staying Groomed While You Travel

Tips For Staying Groomed While You Travel

The difficulty of travelling is that it can leave you feeling dishevelled, but it is possible to travel lightly whilst taking everything you need to remain presentable, the key is to pack wisely.

You will not want to take lots of luggage with you whilst travelling so try and limit yourself to getting everything into one bag. This may require you to be ruthless about what you do and do not take.

When you are preparing your possessions for a trip the general advice is to write a list. Think about events you will be attending whilst away so that you can pack accordingly. Try and choose clothes that can fold up small but wont require to much in the way of maintenance. Clothes that crease easily will involve you having to do lots of ironing whilst away, so try and choose fabrics that are a bit more durable. Plan your outfits carefully and try and choose outfits that are suitable for a wide range of occasions, so that you can dress up or down as required.

Next think about your toiletries. It is possible to buy travel size essentials such as shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant etc, alternatively buy some small bottles and decant your own products into them. Think minimal, you don’t need to take a wide range of aftershaves, just take your favourite.

If you want to stay neat and groomed remember to pack your shaver. Some models are more portable than others, but if you are travelling abroad you may also need to take a travel plug with you. There is a wide range of body groomers available that can suit all of your body grooming needs, but only pack the attachments that you will need.

If you travel a lot you may also want to consider your hairstyle. Hair styles that require lots of products can be hard to maintain whilst your away so you may want to consider shaving off your hair, this will prevent those notorious bad hair days. A clean shaven head can be very fashionable and save you oodles of time when getting ready for any event as it is a very low maintenance style to maintain.

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Primp And Shampoo Your Dog To Add To Your Style

Primp And Shampoo Your Dog To Add To Your Style

Everyone needs a pamper now and again and that even extends to your pets. It is important to buy the correct products when you decide to give your dog the pamper treatment and there is a vast array of products available that are suitable for your dogs coat. It is best to buy something specifically for your dogs needs as using your own human products could irritate and dry their skin.

Dogs should not be shampooed more frequently than once a week, otherwise you risk upsetting the balance of natural oils present on their skin, leaving them to a dry, dull coat. Whenever trying a new product it is always best to try a patch test first, as dogs, like us can suffer from allergic reactions to some ingredients. Try to look for brands that have more natural ingredients, these may cost a little more, but in the long run will benefit your dog leaving him with a glossy coat and lovely smell.

Dogs come in a variety of sizes, and the size of your dog will indicate how long it may take to wash him. Long haired variety of dogs should have their fur groomed regularly to get rid of dander and any fur knots which may occur. Each dog has their own individual characteristics, and some will take to the pampering treatment more readily than others. It is best to get your dog used to being groomed, washed and having their claws clipped at an early age, so that they don’t get too freaked out by the experience. It is also a good idea to get them used to having their teeth brushed, most dogs are not very keen on this experience but it could save you a fortune in vet bills as dental treatments are very expensive.

When grooming and pampering your dog, try to keep the environment calm and try and make it a fun event. Dogs always respond well to treats, so it may be an idea to incorporate this into his pampering regime. Most dogs love the one on one attention they get from these pampering moments.

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Where Should We Draw The Line With Doggie Fashion?

Where Should We Draw The Line With Doggie Fashion?

There are some very pampered dogs around, and some owners even provide their dog with their own fashion wardrobe. Recent years have seen a growing trend amongst owners to dress their dogs up in outfits that are not function specific.

Items such as dog winter coats or waterproofs for short haired or elderly dogs are functional and would not raise an eyebrow in the park, no more than a blanket on a horse would. However there are now a large selection of doggy outfitters that cater for more extravagant and eye catching outfits for dogs. Tee shirts and baseball caps for dogs are very popular amongst owners along with colour co-ordinated outfits for pooch and owner.

Medium dog Breeds have an excellent selection of outfits to choose from including Fancy Dress items such as dinosaurs and sailors uniforms. some outfits are more suited to photo opportunities rather than for wearing to the park but a talk with the staff at your pet outfitters will help you choose the best item of apparel for your dog. Hypoallergenic breeds of dogs are ideal for dressing up due to their low shedding characteristics and minimal amount of dander (flakes of skin) loss.

Different varieties of dogs have different characteristics and some will tolerate being outfitted whilst others will not. A good rule of thumb when assessing whether your pet is suitable for a costume is to simply try your pet out with a basic item of doggy clothing in conjunction with your pets favourite treat. If your dog is happy in his outfit and is not showing any signs of distress or discomfort then you can proceed with more fancy outfits.

Many folks disapprove of dressing pets up in costumes believing it anthropomorphises animals and is confusing for them. However animal welfare societies, such as the RSPCA have commissioned studies into this and have come to the conclusion that it is harmless if the pet is comfortable in his/her outfit, is able to toilet correctly, and shows no signs of distress.

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