Technology that Improves Life

Small kitchens are a common downfall of many apartments and houses (a great oversight in architectural planning, we feel). While it’s not ideal, you can still make great meals in these tiny spaces. The important thing is to eliminate what you don’t need and downsize where you can — without compromising your ability to cook big feasts. Our solution is the immersion blender. Its small, compact size makes it easy to store, more so than a blender or food processor. And, it can do so much more than just puree soups.

Gone are the days of whipping cream for 10 minutes by hand. Making whipped cream with an immersion blender is so easy, and it creates a great fluffy result. Homemade mayo can be such a chore. You need to slowly drizzle in oil while constantly whisky. Depending on how much you need to make, the process can take longer than your arm can bear. But with an immersion blender, you can make perfect mayo in a minute flat. Making hummus at home is so simple, and it tastes so much better when made fresh. An immersion blender will whip some right up to a creamy consistency. If that cream cheese isn’t quite soft enough yet, the trusty immersion blender can get that cheesecake to the right consistency.

Types of Sugar

There are a variety of sugar types, each with different flavors and attributes, meaning sugars are recommended for separate uses and recipes. Below is a simple guide as to which sugar to use for which purpose.

White Granulated Sugar – perfect for hot drinks, or sprinkling on cereal or fruit. For baking, we would always recommend using caster sugar instead as it has smaller particle sizes, which provides a lighter and airier bake.

White Caster Sugar – Best used for sponge cakes or shortbread. White caster sugar is also good for meringues when you want a pure white finish.

Golden Granulated Sugar – Use wherever you would white granulated sugar i.e. in hot drinks, on cereal on fruit. Golden Granulated has a glistening golden color with a subtle caramel taste.

Soft Brown Sugar – These sugars are both soft and moist with fine crystals and a distinctive caramel taste. They are often confused with Muscovite, but unlike Muscovite they have a smaller molasses content meaning they do not possess the same flavor as Muscovite’s. Soft brown sugar can either be partially refined or be white sugar with molasses added. Dark brown sugar is darker in color and has a stronger molasses flavor so can be used for gingerbread and rich fruit cakes, whereas light brown sugar has a more delicate honey-like flavor and is commonly used for making butterscotch and biscuits.