The Best Tandem Kayaks

If you are looking for a tandem kayak, it won’t be too difficult with these amazing choices. Continue reading to learn more.

Kayaking is fun, good exercise, and a perfect way to get out in the fresh air and explore beautiful places. Anything this good will be twice as nice when shared with someone else, and tandem kayaks let you split the adventure two ways. Most manufacturers make tandems nowadays, so the only challenge for would-be tandem ‘yakers is choosing the right boat. Tandem kayaks have many things in common with their smaller cousins, but they are also different in many ways, and there are two things that you must consider first when shopping for a tandem kayak: storage and transport.

Enjoy the day on the water with your best pal, your loved one or even venture out on your own with the Hobie Mirage Oasis Kayak. This tandem-style kayak offers everything you need to enjoy a summer afternoon paddling on the lake. The Adjustable High Back Padded Seats are very comfortable and will ensure you feel good all through your ride. There is a ton of storage on this kayak. Two hatches and stowage pockets allow you to bring everything from extra clothes to lunch to drinks and more. There are even cup holders so you’re never more than arms-length away from a sip of water. Built with the MirageDrive System, this hands-free paddling system allows you to move and steer the kayak with our legs.

Sit on to kayaks are similar in size and shape to traditional kayaks but instead of sitting inside the boat, you sit on top of it. Often, there is a seat on top of the kayak and small indents to rest your feet. Most SOT are made from fiberglass but some are made from a durable hard plastic material. These types of kayaks are less expensive than SINK and are easier to maneuver on the water. They are extremely comfortable for people of all sizes and are perfect for both fishing and touring. The best sit on top kayak is one that is priced within your budget, is comfortable and is stable on the water. Below you can find a chart of the best SOT kayaks available today.

This stable, easy to paddle sit-on-top kayak comes fully rigged with fishing features needed to hit the water right away. Anglers love the versatile hull design that’s good for tracking on lakes but also maneuvers easily on rivers. The extra large cockpit opening provides plenty of room to work with your tackle and offers easy entry and exit.

  • Tankwell w/ Bungee
  • Paddle Parks
  • Flush Mount Rod Holder
  • Scotty Baitcaster Rod Holder
  • 64 lb Anchor Ki