When should one call a Toronto employment lawyer?

In a company, many people are subjected to workplace bias. These situations are not only unhealthy but they also rip out the urge to work harder for the company. Workplace bias always leads to the degradation of one’s career. Therefore, whenever you are facing such situations, remember to take concrete steps against it. Never allow such discrimination to ruin your career.

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Workplace bias includes:

  • Qualifying employees for promotion without fulfilling the eligibility criteria.
  • Paying less to some of the employees for the same amount of work done.
  • Compelling the employees to retire.
  • Punishing the employees without giving them a warning or putting them on a performance plan.

In Toronto, it has always been a popular question as to when one should contact Toronto’s Best Employment Lawyer? Well, whenever you happen to sense work discrimination or lately, have derived an instinct for the same, then feel free to contact your Toronto employment lawyer. Ensure that you have a nice talk with him because he is the only one responsible for protecting you in every case. People may think it will be better to consult the company’s lawyer rather than going for a personal one.

Toronto's Best Employment Lawyer

But to be honest, the company’s lawyer is always bound to protect his client. Therefore, it will be complete foolishness to trust him with your case. You should also avoid discussing the matter with the employer’s lawyer as in the long run, he can use your details against you. Therefore, in such situations always trust a qualified employment lawyer. He will read your case properly and will come up with the best suggestion.

Also, there are some laws that have been constituted so that you enjoy your rights properly. They are:

i) The Age Discrimination Act: This act ensures that there must not be any discrimination on the basis of age.

ii) Family and Medical Leave Act: It ensures that eligible employees possess the right to take leave for medical reasons or for their family.

iii) The Equal Pay Act: This ensures that there is no discrimination in salaries on the basis of sex.

iv) Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: This prohibits a company to make employment-related decisions on the basis of caste, creed, color, sex, etc.

v) The Disabilities Act: This ensures that no company uses the physical or mental condition of his employee against him.

Toronto's Best Employment Lawyer

These are the basic laws that have been enforced by the Government to protect an employee against discrimination. Since they exist doesn’t mean every company does abide by it. There are several instances where companies have been found guilty of discriminating their employees on the basis of caste, sex, class, disability, etc. This can happen to anyone and within seconds anyone can be its next victim. Not only the employees serving at lower designation are subjected to this discrimination but even the executives and people adorning supreme positions in the organization are facing this issue.