Working hard to achieve career success has left my life in a mess

My work life balance is pathetic. Like many people, most of my time is devoted towards my work. I am a sales manager in my company and I have achieved the success in my career due to a lot of hard work and determination. However, my life, apart from my work life, has suffered a great deal due to the zeal I have for my work.

My social life is almost non-existent. Apart from my workmates and a few relatives, I have very few friends. It is not that I am not a sociable person but the thing is that I do not have time to meet people and socialize. This can be seen in the fact that I am now thirty five years and I do not have any man that I am seeing let alone having as a fiancé or as a husband.

I would love to have a husband and I would love to have a family but my work has always seemed to take first place. Ever since when I was employed I have targeted the next promotion as my ultimate goal but when I attained it I wanted more. Being a go getter has helped me climb the career ladder but it has not helped me get the social and personal life that I would like.

The responsibilities of the work place are usually very many especially for someone in a managerial position in a company such as I am working for. Many times I cannot even have a free Saturday. I often find myself all alone in the office while the other workmates are out enjoying their free time. At times I feel sorry for myself especially when I realize that I do not have a way out.

Every day I work until late such that when I go home I am so tired that even cooking my diner is too much of a hassle. Many times I opt to buy my diner rather than go home and cook. I bought an automatic electric rice cooker that promised to help me cook rice faster and more conveniently but after using it a few times I went back to buying my meals.

As a woman, there are also other pleasures that I am missing out on. Apart from the dating life, I am also missing out on experiencing the life of hanging out with girlfriends. Soon I will be too old to have such a life. I am also missing out on shopping and spoiling myself with all kinds of fancy dresses and shoes. I cannot remember the last time when I wore leggings, easy jeans, running shoes, a t shirt, or some other informal cool clothing. The only informal clothing I wear are the clothes I wear while in the house.

I usually take very little days off for vacation and most of this time I spend it visiting my parents and my two sisters. This is hardly enough time for me to get a work and life balance. I need to style up!