Your Body’s Thirst For Health!

One of the healthiest things you can do for your body is to keep it hydrated. Your body is made up of mostly water, and replenishing that supply helps flush out toxins, keep your body pH at the right level, and ensure that all of the systems in your body work efficiently. This includes your metabolism! Drinking water can help you lose weight in addition to all of the other body benefits. Proper hydration can be a struggle during the winter months, but there are a few things you can do to keep yourself full of life giving water.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is, of course, the first step. Filtered water or ionized water are the best choices. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that other drinks will hydrate you like water can. Coffee, juices, sodas and tea can all have dehydrating effects on the body. Sipping water all day can help you from overeating as well. When you feel hungry, try some water first and see if you feel satisfied enough afterwards to skip the snack.

Besides boosting your metabolism and flushing toxins out of your body, water has so many benefits for you. It helps against fatigue, can ease asthma and allergies, can positively affect your blood pressure, and ease a host of skin conditions from acne to eczema. Proper water intake can reduce your cholesterol and help with digestive disorders by keeping the GI tract supple and hydrated and, again, moving those toxins out. It is great for your dental health!

Drinking lots of water detoxifies the kidneys and bladder, for the same reasons it works on your digestive system. It can speed up joint and cartilage repair, slow the aging process, and stop unwanted weight gain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Something you can add to your routine for extra health benefits is apple cider vinegar. There are a wide range of claims about its benefits, but the most documented one is apple cider vinegar’s effects on managing blood sugar. It has been shown to help lower glucose levels.

There are suggestions that ACV can lower cholesterol and assist in managing blood pressure as well. Some studies have even suggested that it can fight cancer. It has been long heralded as a weight loss aide and also to help skin conditions and dandruff. You can see it shares some of the benefits you get from drinking water! Adding some ACV to your water in the morning can boost its benefits. Two tablespoons is the usual recommended amount.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is a tasty way to make your body healthy. Rooibos is not truly a tea, but an infusion made from the aspalathus linearis plant. It has been valued in South American cultures for ages. It is antioxidant rich and caffeine free.

We all know what antioxidants do. They slow aging, are great for the skin, are beneficial against cancer and immune system problems and can help the brain stay young and agile too. In addition, rooibos tea has been said to help with diabetes and in lowering blood pressure and to help the liver bounce replenish itself. Some suggest it can prevent DNA damage as well.

Imagine increasing your water intake, adding a little ACV, and a couple of rooibos tea cups a day. These are simple things you can do to boost your health during the winter and all year long. As always, you should consult your physician before adding any new item to your diet and health care regime to ensure it is healthy for your particular body.