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How to Impress a Date, Geek-Style

When it comes to dating, love and impressing the opposite sex, the local Casanovas and the sports enthusiasts are considered the most confident and successful. They are the ones who are perceived to have the way with words, and with the looks and confidence to seal the deal. Although they are known for their romances, bookworms and geeks can also stake their claim to being the best lovers. Bookworms and geeks are cultured, they are excellent communicators, and they are widely-read, thus can take on any topic. And if you can throw off some trivia and literary quotes, then you can easily impress and get her attention.

According to a survey made by, men who mentioned or include Shakespeare in their social media profiles are 27 percent more likely to generate positive responses from women. The common thinking is that men who love and read literature are considered more sexy, thus will get the attention. So if you have a crush on a geek or an avid reader, you need to come up with creative ways on how to get his or her attention. The usual dating approaches and techniques will no longer cut it, so it’s best to pay attention to new dating approaches, like the ones listed below.

Visit a local bookstore, or check out a contemporary art museum

Whether you are from a big city, or a rural area in the Southern regions, browsing a small local bookstore is always a great option to spend time and get to know a geek or a bookworm. The shelves of books, the smell of coffee and the great conversations about the book’s characters, themes and contexts serve as a background for a productive and different kind of date. Another option is to discover a contemporary art museum in your area. Check out the latest art works, and comment on the contemporary art shown on the museum. Your different takes on the theme and messages of each art work can provide a basis for great conversations that can run for hours.

Host a movie marathon, prepare a memorable meal

Geeks and bookworms will love a movie marathon, or even a Netflix marathon. Just make sure that that the movies are based on books, or adaptation of classic books and works of famed writers. Movies like ‘Lord of the Rings’ by JRR Tolkien can set the tone for a wonderful night. To complete the dating experience, you may want to prepare snack items that can serve during the night. You can prepare fresh juices by using the basic blenders or even an immersion blender, and stock up on fruits, sandwiches or chips.

Remember, there are different ways on how to impress your date. And even if you are planning to impress a certified bookworm or geek, keep in mind that there are tried and tested approaches that you try to impress the opposite sex. What you can do is to visit a bookstore, check out a museum, or even host a movie marathon and get the results you want.

Fighting my recent weight gain… focus on natural remedies

I have a weight problem that I need to face head on. I am not a great fan of physical exercises due to previous bad experiences that I have experienced. I especially detest the muscle soreness that I usually get when I attempt physical exercises. The soreness is particularly pronounced due to my unfitness which is as a result of a lifestyle with very little physical activities. The only way out for me seems to be dieting and use of natural methods to lose some of my pounds.

I believe my problem is not a very big problem. I know for a fact that my weight gain is hugely due to the poor diet that I have been feeding on of late. Before I adopted this lifestyle of unhealthy eating, which is as a result of my new job, I had a healthy body with a healthy weight whereas I did not do much to maintain it. I was still as inactive as I am today. Actually I have never been an active guy and never participated in any physical sports even while in school. As such my weight is purely due to diet.

I want to stop eating in the fast food joints in which I have become a common customer. I want to instead go back to cooking my own healthy foods. I want to concentrate on foods that have very little or no fats, starch, and sugars. I want to instead have more of fruits, vegetables, and other herbs. I also want to try taking some of the natural remedies or aids for weight loss. I for example want to try having more of apple cider vinegar and hummus.

I have great faith in natural remedies since whilst growing up these were the things my mother used for us when we got diseases and other assorted health problems. I remember for instance that whenever we had cuts my mother would chop off some aloe vera leafs, of which there were plenty in her kitchen garden, and she would squeeze the sticky sap on the cut. The sap would sting like hell and we would fight to hold back the tears due to the pain. The aloe vera was however very helpful and the cuts would not get infected and they would heal very fast.

Whenever we had a cold, my mother would cut up some ginger and some garlic into thin slices and mix them up with some lemon extract. This concoction was the supreme solution for any colds, flus, or coughs and it worked wonders. It was however quite bitter and we did not like the taste. My mother would some times add some honey to the concoction whenever my dad would afford to buy a jar from his meager earnings.

Due to my upbringing, I have a lot of confidence in natural remedies and so I believe that a diet of hummus and some occasional apple cider vinegar will help me lose this weight and help me regain my old healthy shape.

Working hard to achieve career success has left my life in a mess

My work life balance is pathetic. Like many people, most of my time is devoted towards my work. I am a sales manager in my company and I have achieved the success in my career due to a lot of hard work and determination. However, my life, apart from my work life, has suffered a great deal due to the zeal I have for my work.

My social life is almost non-existent. Apart from my workmates and a few relatives, I have very few friends. It is not that I am not a sociable person but the thing is that I do not have time to meet people and socialize. This can be seen in the fact that I am now thirty five years and I do not have any man that I am seeing let alone having as a fiancé or as a husband.

I would love to have a husband and I would love to have a family but my work has always seemed to take first place. Ever since when I was employed I have targeted the next promotion as my ultimate goal but when I attained it I wanted more. Being a go getter has helped me climb the career ladder but it has not helped me get the social and personal life that I would like.

The responsibilities of the work place are usually very many especially for someone in a managerial position in a company such as I am working for. Many times I cannot even have a free Saturday. I often find myself all alone in the office while the other workmates are out enjoying their free time. At times I feel sorry for myself especially when I realize that I do not have a way out.

Every day I work until late such that when I go home I am so tired that even cooking my diner is too much of a hassle. Many times I opt to buy my diner rather than go home and cook. I bought an automatic electric rice cooker that promised to help me cook rice faster and more conveniently but after using it a few times I went back to buying my meals.

As a woman, there are also other pleasures that I am missing out on. Apart from the dating life, I am also missing out on experiencing the life of hanging out with girlfriends. Soon I will be too old to have such a life. I am also missing out on shopping and spoiling myself with all kinds of fancy dresses and shoes. I cannot remember the last time when I wore leggings, easy jeans, running shoes, a t shirt, or some other informal cool clothing. The only informal clothing I wear are the clothes I wear while in the house.

I usually take very little days off for vacation and most of this time I spend it visiting my parents and my two sisters. This is hardly enough time for me to get a work and life balance. I need to style up!

Choosing the perfect occupation that you will enjoy in your adult life

Choosing a career or choosing a lifelong occupation is a very serious matter. The choice that one makes usually determines what will become of the person. Many times the choosing of an occupation is not done with proper information and many times people do not approach the issue with the sobriety that is necessary for such an undertaking.

The choices of one’s future is usually something that people are encouraged to think about from when they are very young. Small kids are usually taught and exposed to the various occupations or careers that are available and they are asked to choose one which will best suit them. However, many people make their decision when they are joining college. This is many times because the course that one pursues in college usually determines what field one will work in.

Many times people are not able to make the right choice even at this stage. This is because, just as mentioned above, they are ill informed and maybe they are also not sure of themselves. It could also be due to being fed with poor information. Many times the society praises a few occupations while ignoring others and so people are led to thinking that these praised occupations are good not realizing that they are not suited for them.

While growing up, I had similar challenges like all the other kids when it came to the issue about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was not sure about what I really wanted and so like many other kids, I would say that I wanted to be a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a lawyer, a scientist, a dentist, or any other occupation that I knew would impress whoever was asking me.

I however did not fancy any of these occupations. They all looked like very boring occupations and I was resigned to believe that I would have a very boring adult life.

My passions as a kid were very few. I had very strict parents and being an only child, and a girl for that matter, made them very protective of me. My mother was so protective of me that I could not be able to freely go out and play with other kids when I was a little girl. As such, many times I was stuck with my mother in the house.

Just like any child, I however still found things to enjoy in my environment. The thing I liked most while helping my mother with the house chores was the preparation of food. I especially liked making salads and fruit puddings. I liked making them as attractive as possible. As a small girl my mother would not let me cook using the open fire and I was only allowed to cook using safe kitchen appliances such as the electric pressure cooker or the rice cooker.

I was however eventually allowed to participate in all cooking and I developed a great passion for it.

Since I did not know much about any other thing, I therefore chose cookery as the choice career for my future.

Your Body’s Thirst For Health!

One of the healthiest things you can do for your body is to keep it hydrated. Your body is made up of mostly water, and replenishing that supply helps flush out toxins, keep your body pH at the right level, and ensure that all of the systems in your body work efficiently. This includes your metabolism! Drinking water can help you lose weight in addition to all of the other body benefits. Proper hydration can be a struggle during the winter months, but there are a few things you can do to keep yourself full of life giving water.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is, of course, the first step. Filtered water or ionized water are the best choices. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that other drinks will hydrate you like water can. Coffee, juices, sodas and tea can all have dehydrating effects on the body. Sipping water all day can help you from overeating as well. When you feel hungry, try some water first and see if you feel satisfied enough afterwards to skip the snack.

Besides boosting your metabolism and flushing toxins out of your body, water has so many benefits for you. It helps against fatigue, can ease asthma and allergies, can positively affect your blood pressure, and ease a host of skin conditions from acne to eczema. Proper water intake can reduce your cholesterol and help with digestive disorders by keeping the GI tract supple and hydrated and, again, moving those toxins out. It is great for your dental health!

Drinking lots of water detoxifies the kidneys and bladder, for the same reasons it works on your digestive system. It can speed up joint and cartilage repair, slow the aging process, and stop unwanted weight gain.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Something you can add to your routine for extra health benefits is apple cider vinegar. There are a wide range of claims about its benefits, but the most documented one is apple cider vinegar’s effects on managing blood sugar. It has been shown to help lower glucose levels.

There are suggestions that ACV can lower cholesterol and assist in managing blood pressure as well. Some studies have even suggested that it can fight cancer. It has been long heralded as a weight loss aide and also to help skin conditions and dandruff. You can see it shares some of the benefits you get from drinking water! Adding some ACV to your water in the morning can boost its benefits. Two tablespoons is the usual recommended amount.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is a tasty way to make your body healthy. Rooibos is not truly a tea, but an infusion made from the aspalathus linearis plant. It has been valued in South American cultures for ages. It is antioxidant rich and caffeine free.

We all know what antioxidants do. They slow aging, are great for the skin, are beneficial against cancer and immune system problems and can help the brain stay young and agile too. In addition, rooibos tea has been said to help with diabetes and in lowering blood pressure and to help the liver bounce replenish itself. Some suggest it can prevent DNA damage as well.

Imagine increasing your water intake, adding a little ACV, and a couple of rooibos tea cups a day. These are simple things you can do to boost your health during the winter and all year long. As always, you should consult your physician before adding any new item to your diet and health care regime to ensure it is healthy for your particular body.

Breathe Easy Pet Owners!

The joy of pet ownership is a wonderful thing. Our pets love us unconditionally which is not something money can buy. They would do anything for us, and we feel the same about them.  However, cleaning up after our pets can be difficult and if you don’t, it can have negative consequences on how your family breathes.  Having the right tools to accomplish proper clean up makes the job easier. But, how do you pick the best vacuum cleaner for picking up pet hair?

Vacuum cleaners that are designed to remove pet hair are a growing market. Each is specifically designed to pick up pet hair without clogging and many have filters to cut down on the spread of dander and other allergens. These small particles that come along with pet hair can be dangerous or at least unhealthy to ingest. They can trigger asthma which is a chronic inflammation of the respiratory system and aggravate allergies making it difficult to breathe and focus, as anyone knows who has experienced an unpleasant allergy fog. You might be surprised just how much pet hair can trigger breathing problems.

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner is at the front of the pack in terms of tackling pet hair on hardwood floors.  It will ease your struggle over your pet’s constant shedding. It’s incredible suction power makes anything in its path no match for the DC41. All Dyson models feature the company’s patented ball technology which makes moving the unit around a breeze. It is great at tight turns which cuts down on a lot of your work.

The Dyson DC41 also has something called Radial Root Cyclone technology making vacuum bags a thing of the past. This is good news, since nobody ever enjoyed struggling to remove and empty a dusty, pet filled bag of dirt without spilling it all over the home they just cleaned.  Don’t double your work and opt for a bagless vacuum unit.

In addition to those great features, the DC41 has a self cleaning head and tangle-free turbine tool. This is music to every pet owner’s ears. It also has an active base plate, meaning it will self adjust to every floor type in your home. Every Dyson DC41 features additional accessories included at no additional cost and a five year warranty, making it well worth the investment.  For a full review of the Dyson DC41 and its many features and benefits, please follow the link.

The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel

There are other options for the pet owner in terms of upright vacuum cleaners specially designed for pet hair.  The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel is another good choice, but pales in comparison to the Dyson. It has some nice features, however, such as an air-powered hand tool with rubber blades to help catch hair and a powerful suction.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright

Home users do seem to like the Shark Navigator and say it is easy to maneuver, boasts a large canister to hold all of the hair it is collecting, and has incredible suction.

The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum is filterless, but has the suction and bagless design to help you beat back your pet hair problem.

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Series

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet series is designed specifically for hardwood floors, so if you are looking for a pared down version of a vacuum without all of the carpet accessories, this is a great choice for you and your home.

Technology that Improves Life

Small kitchens are a common downfall of many apartments and houses (a great oversight in architectural planning, we feel). While it’s not ideal, you can still make great meals in these tiny spaces. The important thing is to eliminate what you don’t need and downsize where you can — without compromising your ability to cook big feasts. Our solution is the immersion blender. Its small, compact size makes it easy to store, more so than a blender or food processor. And, it can do so much more than just puree soups.

Gone are the days of whipping cream for 10 minutes by hand. Making whipped cream with an immersion blender is so easy, and it creates a great fluffy result. Homemade mayo can be such a chore. You need to slowly drizzle in oil while constantly whisky. Depending on how much you need to make, the process can take longer than your arm can bear. But with an immersion blender, you can make perfect mayo in a minute flat. Making hummus at home is so simple, and it tastes so much better when made fresh. An immersion blender will whip some right up to a creamy consistency. If that cream cheese isn’t quite soft enough yet, the trusty immersion blender can get that cheesecake to the right consistency.

Types of Sugar

There are a variety of sugar types, each with different flavors and attributes, meaning sugars are recommended for separate uses and recipes. Below is a simple guide as to which sugar to use for which purpose.

White Granulated Sugar – perfect for hot drinks, or sprinkling on cereal or fruit. For baking, we would always recommend using caster sugar instead as it has smaller particle sizes, which provides a lighter and airier bake.

White Caster Sugar – Best used for sponge cakes or shortbread. White caster sugar is also good for meringues when you want a pure white finish.

Golden Granulated Sugar – Use wherever you would white granulated sugar i.e. in hot drinks, on cereal on fruit. Golden Granulated has a glistening golden color with a subtle caramel taste.

Soft Brown Sugar – These sugars are both soft and moist with fine crystals and a distinctive caramel taste. They are often confused with Muscovite, but unlike Muscovite they have a smaller molasses content meaning they do not possess the same flavor as Muscovite’s. Soft brown sugar can either be partially refined or be white sugar with molasses added. Dark brown sugar is darker in color and has a stronger molasses flavor so can be used for gingerbread and rich fruit cakes, whereas light brown sugar has a more delicate honey-like flavor and is commonly used for making butterscotch and biscuits.

Sun Dolphin Kayak

The Ever Ready Kayaks

Choosing the right kayak for your next adventure can be a real challenge if you are not sure where to start. You must first determine what your needs are before you can start shopping for a kayak. It will also depend on where you are using your kayak and how big that you need it to be. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of kayaks available.

Pelican Apex Kayak Review

The Apex 100 is a very beginner-friendly kayak. Its ultra-stable design makes it easy to maneuver, even for a first time paddler. But don’t get me wrong – it’s not a strictly “beginner” kayak – it will suit the needs of a variety of paddlers, both novice and experienced.

This kayak is perfect for exploring lakes and cruising down slow rivers. It’s definitely not a white water capable craft, but that should be obvious based on its design. We like that its lightweight design makes it easy to transport back and forth. This Pelican Apex weighs just 40 lbs., so it’s a breeze to carry with a friend, and can be carried by one person if need be, although it’s a bit awkward to carry because of its size.

The Apex 100 offers a surprising amount of storage space. It’s easy enough to load a good 20 lbs. of camping gear onto this craft without much of an effect as far as performance goes. The storage capacity and ample space for add-on accessories make this craft a great choice for kayak fishing, as well!

Sun Dolphin Kayak Review

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Sit-In Kayak is great for river and lake trips. This one-person touring and expedition kayak features a paddle leash, adjustable foot braces, adjustable padded seat and protective thigh pads to keep you comfortable while you’re out on the water. Multiple storage compartments give you plenty of room to store all your gear, while durable Fortiflex® material keeps your kayak lasting for years to come.

  • 1-person sit-in kayak
  • Great for rivers and lakes
  • Shock cord deck rigging
  • Large open cockpit
  • Carrying handles
  • Paddle leash
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Protective thigh pads
  • Adjustable padded seat
  • Storage compartment
  • Water bottle holder

Finding a good kayak doesn’t have to be a pain. There are a lot of them available that are reasonably priced and also good quality. Regardless of which one you choose, you will have a great time kayaking. Do plenty of research online so you can find the right kayak for you. It may take some time but if you search online and ask experts for help, then you will find the highest quality kayak available on the market today.


Kayaking as a Pet Sport

Who says the only thing you can do with your dog is go for a walk or play fetch?  Kayaking and paddling are fun activities for a hot day with your dog, especially if your dog enjoys being out on the open sea or going for a swim.  But before you take the plunge, make sure both you and your dog are ready for such a voyage.  Go through our checklist to make sure you and your best friend are prepared for your kayak expedition.

Is your dog well-behaved?  Above all else, this is rule one.  A well-disciplined hound will be a better kayaker than an unruly one.  Plus, if your dog is not the biggest fan of water, they may become anxious or rambunctious.  Still, even if your dog is not nautical by nature, a well-trained dog in their owner’s company can find peace and relaxation during kayaking and paddling.

The Perception Pescador 12 is a higher-end sport and recreational kayak that comes equipped with features for the avid fisher-person. No need to purchase two boats when the Perception Pescador 12 pulls double duty.

Whether you are a competitive angler or you just want to have some fun with the family on the weekend, the Pescador 12 should meet your needs quite well. In this Perception Pescador 12 review, we will examine this particular brand and model of kayak in terms of quality, durability, speed, maneuverability and price.

The Pescador is a sit-on hard shell model that is 12 feet in length and weighs about 50 pounds. Scupper plugs in the floorboard allow you to quickly drain water that splashes into the boat. A center hatch dry storage compartment situated between your legs so you can access your cell phone, keys and dry box as you paddle. You can quickly adjust the foot brace clamps while in motion.

A sealed front hatch can accommodate a soft ice chest for the fish you reel in. The boat is outfitted with standard angling equipment that includes both a Scotty Baitcaster and a flush mount rod holder to keep your rods situated and secure. You can also stash two fully rigged rods in the ample bow storage. A paddle rest that doubles as yet another rod holder is molded into the body.

An anchor is a necessity with the Pescador if you will be fishing in salt water. Otherwise, you will constantly fight to stay stationary in the water, especially if you are battling current. Fortunately, the Perception Pescador 12 Angler ships with a complete anchor kit.

Rumors are circulating on various review sites that the Pescador 12 is simply a rebranded Wilderness Tarpon 120, which is a favorite of experienced yakkers but sold at a much higher price point. This rumor is quite possibly true because both Perception and Wilderness are owned by the parent company, Confluence. This assertion increases the value and attractiveness of the Pescador 12 even more.

Recreational Kayak

Reeling Them In

Looking for some new baitcasting reels? Today’s economy forces us to rethink the way we buy fishing equipment. The best “bang for your buck” is looked at a little differently today. Our buck isn’t quiet taking us as far as we would like it to go. To help you with your research, I’ve compiled 10 of my favorite reels with the criteria in mind of both price and performance. We all want to have the best equipment on the market so here is a list of reels I think you should definitely consider:

The Pflueger Patriarch packs a punch when it comes to high-speed baitcasters. This reel is a workhorse and is ready for any kind of abuse you plan on putting it through. With two different spool options, this reel has the versatility to be used for lightweight topwater baits up to heavy deep cranking with the 64 WLP (wide spool) series. The Titanium line guide is a must and should be used on all reels to eliminate line frays. Pflueger has raised the bar with the Patriarch and continues to pump out quality products.

As one of the leaders in engineering high-end reels, Abu Garcia knocks it out of the park with the REVO SX. With its one of a kind Carbon Matrix Drag System you can experience the smoothest drag system on the market. Fighting a monster fish has never been easier. This reel gives me the confidence that no fish is getting away.

Best Recreational Kayak

Nowadays, the term recreational has evolved into a catch-all phrase for wanting-to-chill kayakers. Its definition has come to comprise sea kayaks, kayaks that look like canoes, transitional touring kayaks, kayaks that look like river rafts, expedition kayaks, even surf skis.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ Sit in Kayak, is a great kayak for any water enthusiast. This kayak is crafted of a tough polyethylene hull and features a deluxe adjustable seat with high back support and adjustable foot braces. There are carrying handles for easier portage and a convenient storage hatch and water bottle holder.

The Pelican Matrix Kayak is another great choice for a recreational kayak.

  • Adjustable padded backrest with Ergo lite seat cushion
  • Cockpit table with bottle holder, Carrying handles
  • Quick lock hatch, Knee pads
  • Stern storage platform with bungees
  • Adjustable foot pegs

Choosing your first kayak can be challenging if you are not sure where to start. Hopefully these tips will help you to figure out which one is the right one for you. Your first kayak needs to be one that you can easily use. It might take some time but it definitely makes a difference.